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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The War of The Flowers by Tad Williams

This is a unique perspective on a Faerie that sadly emulates or mirrors our own society.

You can depend on Tad Williams for both a good story and a skewed perception of normalcy.   Normalcy in regards to how we see and perceive the land of Faerie is one of the lynch pins of the plot.   Williams provided a story whose protagonist wasn’t the classic anti-hero but more of a wimpy hero.  

Theo had it all, good looks, great voice and loads of potential that he totally ignored.   Characterized by a wealth of self pity, Theo was not particularly likeable.   His involvement in the political turmoil of a very foreign world forces him into self evaluation and possibly even moral fiber growth.  

Williams provides a digital view of a strange world.  By digital, I simply mean his detailing is superb.   You can almost smell the organic aroma of natural technology, the ozone of sentient power tickles the nose and the vistas of difference stun the eye.   The author gives tons of detail but that simply provides the structure to let the imagination run amok.  

Tad Williams also drives home multiple messages in this book.   Exploitation of the masses for the benefit of the few is, in my mind, a perfect mirror of our current self centered politicians refusing compromise in order to benefit their own agenda.   Of course practically any third world dictatorship also supplies a similarity of outlook to Hellbore, the main villain.  

Intolerance and exploitation are clear in this book and the devastating impact those twin sins visit upon a society is made abundantly clear.   Lots of messages in this book to anyone who wants to see them.

This is an excellent book that was darn difficult to put down and at over 800 pages I just couldn’t finish it in one sitting.

I highly recommend it

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