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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Remnant Population By Elizabeth Moon

An aging colonist stays behind when the Corporation abandons the planet.  She makes a life altering discovery.

Once again, Elizabeth Moon shows what a wonderful story teller should be.   Ofelia is a character study of aging and should be required reading for AARP.   The plot is sufficient to maintain your interest but the most captivating aspect of the book is once again the thorough character development.  

Ms. Moon creates characters so alive and believable that you begin to think you know them.   Ofelia’s compassion and frustration come through loud and clear.   Sadly the stereotypical depiction of corporate greed resonates so clearly with today’s MBA driven corporate obsession with the quarterly numbers.   Ms. Moon’s stories are about people regardless of her setting her characters shine.

I highly recommend the book.  

Body of work of Elizabeth Moon

SciFi, action, adventure, excitement, strong female, great story.

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