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Friday, July 15, 2011

SciFi/Fantasy Readers Are Reliable

                                    I write three blogs.  

Pick of the Literate  http://bookrevues.blogspot.com/

Money Saving Tech Tips and Philosophic Musings

Azure Dwarf’s Horde of SciFi & Fantasy http://azuredwarf.blogspot.com/

I get weekly stat reports on number of visitors, frequency of visitation and returning.   I have the fewest number of visitors at Dwarf.   Keeping in mind that it is my newest blog by several years, I am not overly concerned and certainly intend to keep plugging away to get more readers.   What is interesting though is that, in spite of the smaller overall numbers, Dwarf has the most returning visitors.   From that stat I have jumped to the following, possibly erroneous, conclusions.  

SciFi and Fantasy readers are more reliable.   They tend to revel in their genre and don’t wonder (pun intended) far from its borders.   They are loyal, if they find something they like, they return again and again.   I know I love Jim Butcher’s books and buy everyone that comes out.  

One of the joys of reviewing books is receiving so many advanced reading copies from publicists and authors.   Oddly, the genre’s that are my favorite, scifi and fantasy, I get the least number of ARCs.   In fact it is rare when I get any science fiction or fantasy with the exception of books from Seventh Star Press.   For the most part, the reviews I write on SciFi and Fantasy are from books I have purchased myself.   Since I have done that for over 50 years, it isn’t a hardship.  What is mystifying is why there is such a dearth of my favorite genre being offered to bloggers.   The obvious possibility is that my blog lacks significant numbers and thusly does not attract the “main stream” SciFi and Fantasy publishers.   The flip side of that is that the readers I have are loyal and return frequently which should off set their smaller numbers. 

I digress which is one of my less favorite quirks.   Whether I get books to review by my own purchases or from publicists, I will continue to let you know what I think about books in my favorite genres.

My thanks to those of you who are here for the first time and to that core of returning readers, a huge thanks for your loyalty.  

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