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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mission of Honor by David Weber

This is number twelve of the Honor series.  Honor Harrington plays a bit part in the continuing saga of Manticore.   Haven and Manticore, Mesa and the Solarian League are all back.   As a side bar I heard from another Weber fan than he too was frustrated to discover that Hell's Gate and Hell Hath No Fury have not planned follow up.   It reinforce the fact that  I know I was not the only one disappointed when there was no follow up (and none planned) for Hell’s Gate and Hell Hath No Fury.

There was some deep background filled in with this book.   I would not consider this a good stand alone book.  If you are not a fan of the series, I suspect you would be thoroughly confused reading this book.    It is possible that Weber has always been this wordy.   I found myself powering through some chapters as the details became tedious.   I am still a fan and still enjoy the Manticore saga but the bloom may be off the rose.  With that said, I ordered the next volume, Rising Thunder, this afternoon.  

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Heart of stone by Debra Mullins.

This a romance novel with a fair amount of action. Faith and Darius are the main protagonist in this story. They are descendants of survivors of the destruction of Atlantis. The story is really about their love and how they establish it.

With the love story is the action and that is the war between the Seers and the Mendukati, two opposing groups from the survivors of Atlantis.  It's the story of love and treachery with quite a bit of action to keep you busy.

The steamy scenes put this book into the romantic category but the action and general story are certainly palatable to the male reader.  No, that is not a sexist remark, as I said about Prodigal Son that is an observation that most guys won't admit to reading any kind of romantic novel.  This book struck me more of a romantic novel than it's predecessor, Prodigal Son.  I do think it is still a good action/adventure/urban fantasy with romantic overtones. 

I recommend it.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Colony by John M. Davis

This is a short story taking place sometime after interstellar colonization.   The colony distress beacon triggers and a squad of Earth Defense Marines is sent to investigate.
The characters are stereo typical Marines.   If you know anything about Marines is they have a "tude".   That "tude" serves them well as if you believe you are the ultimate fighting machine then you will strive to prove that fact.   The Marines in this story do just that.  They prove they are tough and they are courageous.

The emotions and philosophy of the story are laudable.   The characters are a bit thin on detail and depth.   The plot is action filled and the enemy is implacable and unresponsive to communication.

The story is short, it is action filled and it concludes with philosophic advice.

I enjoyed it.

Site:  http://johndavisbooks.wordpress.com/

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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Clockwork Dagger by Beth Cato

This book might be characterized as a steampunk romance.  That should NOT deter manly readers but hopefully will encourage the fairer sex that seems to find it difficult to get into the genre.   The book has a strong female protagonist who is embroiled in an ethical dilemma.   Wanted dead and alive by opposing sides in a bitter war leads Octavia Leander down a narrow path fraught with danger.

I really liked this book.   Octavia, who often feels out of her comfort zone, does not kowtow to anyone, assassin, princess or villain.   As a protagonist she exhibits courage, resourcefulness and compassion.   All of this is tempered by a realistic look at life and her future and occasional bouts of self pity.  

Mz. Cato does a great job in her characterizations.  After reading about Mr. Drury, I wanted to grab my hand sanitizer.  He reeked of slimy!  The setting is interesting with the good guys being, at most, marginally good and the bad guys being even worse.  

Mz. Cato's website announces a sequel and I certainly plan on reading it. 

I highly recommend.  

Site:  http://www.bethcato.com/

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Heritage of Cyador by L.E. Modesitt, jr

This is a continuation of the Recluce series, number eighteen to be exact.  Cyador's Heirs the previous book established Lerial as a major player in the saga.   Lerial takes his protection of Cigoerne to Afrit, the much larger neighboring nation in this book.   His defense of his homeland takes a surprising turn.

I have noted before in his other books, Modesitt infuses political commentary and philosophy as part of his story line.   Time Gods World, The Forever Hero and Order Master all illustrate philosophic musings.  There are times where the author seems to pontificate a bit but it always fits the story line. This book is no exception.  Mercantile distaste could be a subtitle.   Modesitt seems to have strong philosophic threads throughout his books.  

Again, probably repeating myself, the author takes a great deal of time building the scene before he introduces action.  In some ways that mirrors reality as constant action isn't even prevalent in a war zone.  

The common thread, as I stated in previous Modesitt reviews is the lone soul fighting for self identity in a harsh world.  Lerial finds a new friend and mentor as well as allies in surprising places.  

I highly recommend.  

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Seventh Star Press Cyber Monday Blow Out

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Anvil of Tears by Erica Lindquist and Aron Christensen

This is a tale of civilization lost and survivors guilt.   Maeve, a fairy, is pursed by an implacable  bounty hunter driven by the challenge of a "mark" wanted for genocide.

Logan Coldhand is dealing with his own survivor's guilt as his truncated body and mind struggle to maintain his sanity.  His chase of Maeve is based as much on the challenge as the ridiculously high bounty.  

Maeve Cavainna is running from her past and making every effort to manipulate her future.  

The plot of the story has two guilt ridden protagonists surrounded by both enemies and friends.   The setting is a galactic civilization that encompasses a variety of sentient beings.  The remnants of Maeve's race are the down trodden pariahs.   A cult of death prays on the downtrodden of all races and ends up crossing both Logan Coldhand and Maeve Cavainna, a glass knight.  Mayhem and action ensue in the dark religious clash. 

A bounty hunter tale with psychological twists.

I recommend it.

Web: http://cifiscape.onyxneon.com/lindquistchristensen.html
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