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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Third Magic by Molly Chochran

Merlin’s magic creates a situation where a modern boy may be the reincarnation of King Arthur.  

If recollection serves me, this is a follow up to the Forever King.   Admittedly it was 12 years ago that I read the book so I may be in error.   The Forever King was co-authored with Warren Murphy.    I remember thinking it was an exceptional book and looked at my data base and saw I had rated both it and The Broken Sword as excellent.    This book was good.

Arthur Blessing was a sad character as was Gwen/Guinevere/Brigid.  Seems like as a couple they could never get a break.  That aspect was a bit sad.   The story had the Knights of the Roundtable riding motorcycles.   That was amusing.   There was a juxtaposition of Camelot’s tale with a modern story.   It was disorienting some times.   I am a sucker for King Arthur stories and I still recommend the book but it is not up to the standards of it’s predecessors.

 I recommend the book .

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