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Monday, July 18, 2011

Turn Coat by Jim Butcher

 Harry Dresden is a tall man dealing with narrow minded people who happen to have annoyingly powerful magic.   Harry as always is dealing with insurmountable problems with numerically superior forces intent on harming kith and kin.  In true Lewis Carrol style, Harry finds himself down the rabbit hole defending an implacable foe for unlikely reasons.

Repeating what I have written in previous reviews of Jim Butcher, Butcher causes Harry to question his value system in each and every book.  Soul searching seems to be a hallmark.   Insurmountable odds and monumental tasks are also in each book.   In spite of a similar formula, I have really enjoyed each book.   Why would you ever get tired of deep, rich, yummy chocolate cake anymore than you would the Dresden Files.  Harry’s emotional fragility in his personal relationships and his inability to recognize how much he is respected contribute to his likeability.  You see a slow maturation of Harry Dresden as the series proceeds.  I highly recommend the entire series. 

Butcher’s use of current but often obscure vernacular within Harry’s dialogue always elicits a laugh.  

I’ve mentioned my preferences for emotionally provocative writing.   Butcher’s portrayal of loyalty and perseverance against all odds is always laudable.  Harry Dresden lives his life by the Golden Rule and it serves him well.   Molly, his apprentice, shows growth in this book and Harry as well.  Mouse, Toot, Murphy, Will and Georgia display the same courage and convictions we have seen in previous stories.  

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