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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thrall Twilight Of The Aspects by Christie Golden

 This is another World of Warcraft novels.   This time Thrall the Orc is questing for the lands of Azeroth and specifically for the green Dragon Aspect, Ysera.  

Somehow I think books should come first and then the game but in the real world to get young boys to read you do what you can.  If this series encourages boys to read then it is well worth the effort. 

Never having played World of WarCraft I feel like I am at a serious disadvantage in reading this book.   I am sure that advocates of the game will welcome the rich and colorful details that they can experience in a book focused on their favorite game.   I do not care how careful and what level of expertise programmers bring to a rpg game, they can not expect to exceed the infinite expression of imagination.   Reading this book can provide a more satisfying gaming experience with Golden’s excellent character development and screen painting.

For me, the book wasn’t particularly intriguing but for the World of WarCraft aficionado I suspect this will be a must have book.  

I recommend the book for World of WarCraft gamers.  

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