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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Deeper Blue by John Ringo

Terrorists are intent on bringing VX gas to the United States to kill civilians.   Mike Harmon/Jenkins stands in their way.

The emotional deprivation that Mike feels in this book provides a more complete picture of this larger than life hero.   He demonstrates more depth in his caring for his friends.

That being said, once again we are immersed in non-stop lethal action with solid criticism of our government’s approach on terrorism.   Ringo writes outstanding action books laced with cynical critiques of political correctness. 

Amidst all the action and storyline, Ringo points out that all the terrorist action against the United States has been carried out by young Arab males.  His character regards the lack of profiling of this type of person as sheer insanity, paramount to suicidal.

Ringo’s books are always entertaining and fill a definite niche when I need a kick ass, no prisoners, righteously indignant hero.  Surprisingly the books can be thought provoking as well.   Sadly this seems to be the end of the series featuring The Ghost/Kildar. 

Once again this is not a book for kids, there is not as much rough sex but is is somewhat explicit but it fits with the plot of the book.  

I recommend this book.

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