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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sinexia: The Mark of Perillius by Antonus Perry

Atonus Perry bemoaned the lack of action in many of the stories he read as a boy.   He has remedied this in a story of a descendant of an ancient villain turned hero.  The young man is transported to an alternate reality, the planet Sinexia to be trained to fight the ultimate villain. 

Mr. Perry has certainly fulfilled his goal to promote action.   This book is chock full of action and superlatives.   People don’t speak, they scream or shout or exclaim.   It is a book of superlatives.   My feeling was that it was an action comic without the drawings.  
I had some flash backs to John Carter of Mars and that was a good thing.

With that in mind, I think the audience may be the graphic novel crowd.  This book could be seen as a transition from the graphic novel to the full fledged novel.  

The characters are colorful and posses interesting powers.  The story gets up to speed rapidly and moves from there.   I think this book will be a hit with the YA crowd. 

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