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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The World of Beth Cato

I have read  The Clockwork DaggerThe Clockwork Crown , Wings of Sorrow and Bone and The Deepest Poison and enjoyed every one of them.   Click on my links to read my reviews. 

I have heard  from her publicist that Beth Cato’s novella, WINGS OF SORROW AND BONE, received a very well-deserved nod from the folks at SFWA. Beth Cato is an immensely gifted steampunk writer, and her Clockwork Dagger series has continuously received rave reviews from such outlets as NPR, Entertainment WeeklyThe New York Times, and many more. We at Harper Voyager firmly believe that Beth Cato is destined to become one of the major players in the SFF genre—and it seems that critics and taste-makers agree! This Nebula nomination comes on the heels of another nomination for her full-length book, THE CLOCKWORK CROWN, for best Steampunk novel from the 2015 RT Booklovers Award. Additionally, Beth’s debut novelTHE CLOCKWORK DAGGER, received a Locus nomination for Best First Novel last year as well!

Wings of Sorrow and Bone
On Sale: 11/10/2015 | ISBN: 9780062411266
After being rescued by Octavia Leander from the slums of Caskentia, Rivka Stout is adjusting to her new life in Tamarania. But it’s hard for a blossoming machinist like herself to fit in with proper society, and she’d much rather be tinkering with her tools than at a hoity-toity party any day.

When Rivka stumbles into a laboratory run by the powerful Balthazar Cody, she also discovers a sinister plot involving chimera gremlins and the violent Arena game Warriors. The innocent creatures will end up hurt, or worse, if Rivka doesn’t find a way to stop Mr. Cody. And to do that means she will have to rely on some unexpected new friends. 

The Clockwork Dagger
On Sale: 9/16/2014 | ISBN: 9780062313843

THE CLOCKWORK DAGGER is the story of a gifted young healer, Octavia Leander, who sets off on her first mission. Her goal is to get to a plague-ridden village and help the people there, but a series of strange occurrences—including murder—rock the airship she is traveling on. The dashingly attractive steward may be one of the infamous Clockwork Dagger assassins, her cabin-mate hides secrets (and an alarming penchant for writing pulp novels), and Octavia is beginning to discover that her magical gift for healing may be even more powerful than anyone thought. In short, this airship voyage is much  more eventful than Octavia expected, and she’s stumbled into the midst of a conspiracy that may reach the crown itself.
The Clockwork Crown
On Sale: 6/9/2015 | ISBN: 9780062313980
Beth Cato delivers an action-packed, magic-filled sequel to her debut fantasy novel. Octavia Leander is a powerful magical healer who has just narrowly avoided assassination and is on the run with handsome ex-Clockwork Dagger Alonzo Garrett. They travel across Caskentia searching for safety, and for answers - how is Octavia so powerful, and why does it look like she’s undergoing a transformation unlike any seen for hundreds of years? Joined by unlikely allies, Octavia must get to the source of her power, the Lady’s Tree, before a brewing civil war disrupts her entire world. 
With a rich magic system set in a lush world and a spunky heroine, THE CLOCKWORK CROWN is a strong follow-up to THE CLOCKWORK DAGGER.

These book may have been received free of charge from a publisher or a publicist. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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