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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Clockwork Dagger by Beth Cato

This book might be characterized as a steampunk romance.  That should NOT deter manly readers but hopefully will encourage the fairer sex that seems to find it difficult to get into the genre.   The book has a strong female protagonist who is embroiled in an ethical dilemma.   Wanted dead and alive by opposing sides in a bitter war leads Octavia Leander down a narrow path fraught with danger.

I really liked this book.   Octavia, who often feels out of her comfort zone, does not kowtow to anyone, assassin, princess or villain.   As a protagonist she exhibits courage, resourcefulness and compassion.   All of this is tempered by a realistic look at life and her future and occasional bouts of self pity.  

Mz. Cato does a great job in her characterizations.  After reading about Mr. Drury, I wanted to grab my hand sanitizer.  He reeked of slimy!  The setting is interesting with the good guys being, at most, marginally good and the bad guys being even worse.  

Mz. Cato's website announces a sequel and I certainly plan on reading it. 

I highly recommend.  

Site:  http://www.bethcato.com/

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