Monday, December 1, 2014

Heritage of Cyador by L.E. Modesitt, jr

This is a continuation of the Recluce series, number eighteen to be exact.  Cyador's Heirs the previous book established Lerial as a major player in the saga.   Lerial takes his protection of Cigoerne to Afrit, the much larger neighboring nation in this book.   His defense of his homeland takes a surprising turn.

I have noted before in his other books, Modesitt infuses political commentary and philosophy as part of his story line.   Time Gods World, The Forever Hero and Order Master all illustrate philosophic musings.  There are times where the author seems to pontificate a bit but it always fits the story line. This book is no exception.  Mercantile distaste could be a subtitle.   Modesitt seems to have strong philosophic threads throughout his books.  

Again, probably repeating myself, the author takes a great deal of time building the scene before he introduces action.  In some ways that mirrors reality as constant action isn't even prevalent in a war zone.  

The common thread, as I stated in previous Modesitt reviews is the lone soul fighting for self identity in a harsh world.  Lerial finds a new friend and mentor as well as allies in surprising places.  

I highly recommend.  

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