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Monday, March 7, 2016

The Dragon Round by Stephen S. Power

This tale is of a rigidly principled sea captain, a equally principled apothecary and an unprincipled dragon. 

Jeryon lived by rules.   He followed the company rules and set his own rules on the sea.   Sadly he discovered that following the rules can have some seriously negative consequences when faced with greed and moral depravity.

Jeryon finds himself supported by an unlikely source, the foreign apothecary who refuses to be a party to his crews rebellion.   The resulting events lead to an apparent platonic marooning where they discover a potential savior in the guise of a dragon.

The moral rigidity of Jeryon leads him down the path of justice that eventually turns into revenge.  

This is a tough book to review without spoilers.   The profit at all costs Trust which morphs into the Shield suppresses the people of Hanosh.   The face of capitalism is tarnished by the goal of profits regardless of the impact on the people who are both the basis for the labor force and the customers.  

The appetite of the dragon and it's indifference to the sources of it's nourishment provided another glimpse of commentary regarding unbridled appetites.

This was a interesting read with some social commentary on the military industrial complex.   

It is also possible that I am reading more social commentary than the author intended.

I recommend it and look forward to the sequel. 

Web Site:  http://authors.simonandschuster.com/Stephen-S-Power/476073740

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