Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Death's Bright Day by David Drake

This is a new story in the Daniel Leary's Cinnabar RCN series.   Adele Mundy, Tovera and Hogg are all back to provide the normal semi-controlled violence.   After the inception of a truce in the war with the Alliance, Daniel finds himself embroiled in a politically sensitive skirmish in the Tarbell Stars.

The current conflict in Syria comes to mind in this story.  Large countries that don't want to confront each other use an internal conflict to increase their political sphere of influence.  Think of Iran,Turkey, Russia and the US.  Although Drake credits history for as his muse in this case current events could also be an underpinning for a story.

The Tarbell Stars are facing a rebellion and the rebellion appears to be supported by a faction in the Alliance intelligence community.   Cinnabar surreptitiously intervenes on the side of another Alliance faction with the services of Daniel Leary and Adele Mundy.

Leary and Mundy do the impossible once again and discover things are not always as they are purported to be.   Leary also gets married in this book and the reader discovers that he chose well.

I enjoyed the book and have enjoyed the series.

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