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Friday, March 11, 2016

Burt Holmes, P.I. by A. M. Roelke


I'm a sucker for private eye books let alone private eye in space books.   In a way that makes me more critical of the genre as I do know what I like.   This does not have the overtones of humor that the Glen Cook Garrett books have, which I dearly love.   However this does have a lot of soul searching angst.  That can get tedious but Roelke did a great job in making it real rather than tedious.

The tale is of a P.I. on the Perseus space station gets a client who he is inexplicably attracted to, despite their dramatic age differences.  Burt, the P.I., is both protective and derisive of the client and can not determine why. 

The client, Wade Hampton, is an ancestral starship captain which imbues her with wealth, prestige and power.   In Wade's case this does not mean maturity.   Wade is a teen with great power, great self control and periodically normal teen behavior in spite of her best efforts to be an adult.

Burt's personal demons are hidden and a source of enormous frustration.  He does not know what some of his greatest motivators are and is unawre that they are intentionally shrouded in mystery.

The story has action, brutality, robots and space ships, what more could you want.

The hard nose P.I. discovers many things about himself as does his client.

I really enjoyed the book and hope to see a sequel!

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