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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Clockwork Crown by Beth Cato

I characterized The Clockwork Dagger as a Steampunk romance.  This sequel is substantially more than that!   I really enjoyed Dagger but this book is better!   Okay that is enough exclamation points.   I think Cato did a follow up that is excellent.  She continues the story with Octavia's romantic interest Alonzo Garret.  That should satisfy any romance fans.   The Steam Punk theme continues with Leaf, buzzers and air ships.   The political intrigue of the king and the Wasters provides the violence as well as the misplaced affections of a younger sibling.  

The Lady and her Tree continue to manipulate Octavia and impact her very existence.   I particularly like the way Cato has infused Octavia with such resiliency and fortitude.   Octavia is a strong, focused woman who exemplifies the fact that women so often are stronger than men.   This isn't a feminist diatribe merely the observation that strong female protagonists are needed in all forms of entertainment.

The story concludes in a very satifying manner.   Cato did an excellent job in providing an exciting pace, excellent characterizations, plot twists and action a plenty. I really liked this book.  

I highly recommend both this book and The Clockwork Dagger .  

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