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Monday, October 29, 2012

Spook House by Michael West (His new Harmony novel)

A haunted house in the tiny town of Harmony turns out to be less than harmonious.  Halloween turns out to be a truly otherworldly experience.

Sheri Foster and Robby Miller become unlikely protagonists in this very spooky thriller.   Sheri is exposed to something that defies her imagination and strains her creditability with the first responders.   Robby Miller, whose personal nightmares provide him with a different frame of reference, is the only first responder to believe her.

The author does a great job with setting the scene and providing an appropriately frightening environment.  I would have preferred a bit more back story on Robby but that lack was not a detriment to the plot. 

Cayden’s cheerful fanaticism accompanying his likeable façade was the most frightening aspect of the book.   I prefer my evil villains to be obviously evil.  

I’m not a fan of horror stories but I really liked this rendition. 

I enjoyed the book. 

Body of work of <a type="amzn"> Michael West </a>

Web sites: http://www.bymichaelwest.com/category/spook-house

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1 comment:

  1. Evil hiding behind a likeable facade--sounds like the scariest sort. Nice review.