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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Angels Ink by Jocelynn Drake

This book fills in all the background information that I wanted when I read Asylum Interviews:Bronx.   Another title could be warlock on the run as the protagonist is rougue warlock operating as a tattoo artist whose ink conveys more than just symbols. 

I mentioned in my review of Bronx that I really liked Ms. Drake’s characterizations.  I like them even better in a book where she has the space to bring them to full fruition.  Stories of camaraderie are among my favorite.   The willingness of friends to sacrifice all in the name of love is eminently laudable.  

Trixie was mesmerizing.  Ms. Drake painted a breath taking picture of allure.  Frazetta could have painted a show stopper with Ms. Drake's description.  Bronx, the troll, is a companion we would all like guarding our back.    Ink power is a concept that hopefully will fuel many stories to come.  In addition to the heart warming, flawed protagonists there were some great characters as villains.  

Add in a deliciously complicated plot, a bit of powdered sugar for a brief but steamy love scene, swirl with complex and bombastic violence and you have a memorable recipe for a terrific book.   I liked the short story that featured Bronx but I loved the book defining Gage as the main protagonist.   In the vein of Jim Butcher but with plenty of differences this author should have a hit series on her hands!

I highly recommend the book. 

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