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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Changeling by Kelly Meding

In a world of mutants (my word not the author’s) there are allies and enemies but if changelings are involved how do you tell the difference?  

This seems to be the second book of a series.  I was not fortunate enough to read the first book, Trance.  This book paints a picture of immature semi-super hero’s making mistakes and enemies while trying to do the right thing.   Morality is fairly fluid as to the rule of law and biblical justice (old testament) seems to be favored.  

The characters are naïve but likeable.   Dahlia wears her heart on her sleeve and she seems almost a stereotype of a lonely teenager.   The relationships between Dahlia, Noah and her team are complex which mirrors life in general.

I would have liked a little more back story as to the events leading to the re-emergence of Metas and what transpired in the relevant past.   The story stand alone without a back story but I think it would be improved with one.   Super heroes, werewolves, vampires are all very popular at this point, I think this book will do quite well.  

I recommend the book. 

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