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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown

With all the vampire books out, it was refreshing to read about mermaids and mermen.   These are not your disneyesque merfolks, these merpeople are bad, bad and more bad.

The story is probably most appropriate for a teenage girl as it has suspiciously romantic overtones.  As an aged male, I enjoyed it but I suspect a teen girl would love it.   The main protagonist is the moderately outcast sibling in a dysfunctional family who is seeking revenge for a decades old slight. 

The relationship between Lily, semi-normal and Calder, not normal at all, provides the fuel for this tempestuous and yet platonic relationship.   Aside from some vague violence, there isn’t anything in the book to prevent mature elementary kids from reading it.   There is no gratuitous sex or anything remotely repugnant for the young, after some of the stuff I have read lately, that too was refreshing. 

The book documents a relationship in true Romeo and Juliet fashion with the protagonists not only from different families but also from different species.

I enjoyed the book. 

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