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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Judgement at Proteus by Timothy Zahn


This is the final book of a five book series and I’m not sure it is the best because it is a better book or because it ties up everything so neatly.  Frank Compton, galactic troubleshooter is back with his assorted sidekicks from all four previous books.   He makes some startling discoveries and has to closely look at his alliances and enemies.  

Frank is an engaging character who shows signs of being an somewhat inept James Bond combined with a somewhat more slick MacGyver.  He creates his bag of tricks as he goes along and tends to shoot from the hip somewhat inaccurately.   This book provides a bit more insight into the costs of war.  Too many action books ignore the butcher bill.  Zahn does a nice job pointing out that success in war frequently involves sacrifice and casualties. 

Avoiding spoilers, there is plenty of action, some new villains, new allies and some nice plot features.   I liked this book the best of the five.

I recommend it.    

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