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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kingdom by Anderson O'Donnell

This is a story of a near dystopian future rooted in genetic manipulation.  Corrupt science runs amok in this thriller.

Set primarily in and around Tiber City, a contemporary Sodom or Gomorra, I’m not sure which, the taste of sulfur lingers in your mouth as your read the description of this sewer of a city.   Dylan Fitzgerald is an unlikely and unlikeable protagonist in the story.  Morrison of Morrison Bio-Tech and his minions are the chief villains in this piece.  In a future with business assassination seen as just part of doing business, Morrison Bio-Tech is attempting to make the perfect leader with genetic manipulation.  Jonathan Campbell once Morrison’s associate becomes his arch enemy when he discovers the lengths that Morrison has gone to meet his self center goals of world domination. 

This story is a real morality play focusing on what is acceptable to move man forward.  Religion doesn’t play a part but God certainly plays a hand in the formulation of the plot and the directions it goes.  Is man a random collection of genetic material or a plotted course from a deity?  Is the search for something outside of reality an end in itself?  Does man have a soul?  

There are some extremely controversial and heady topics encountered in this novel.   It isn’t as entertaining as it is thought provoking.   What lengths do you go to succeed? Who are Megan and Dylan?
I recommend it.    

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KINGDOM - First Rule Publicity Tours 

About the Author

Anderson O’Donnell presents a biopunk, dystopian noir-esque thriller in this amazing read,
KINGDOM. Most people are familiar with the term “cyberpunk,” but “biopunk” is harder to nail
down. In many ways, biopunk is similar to the cyberpunk genre, and shares many of the same
themes and archetypes: the dystopian future; the overreliance on technology; mega-corporations;
a constant and overwhelming flow of data; the anti-hero—these elements are integral parts of
both genres.

Both genres are fueled, to some extent, by the sense of rebellion and desire for individual
freedom expressed by the original punk rock revolution. But the main difference—the most
important difference—is that while cyberpunk focuses on invasive technological modification of
the human body, biopunk explores the dehumanizing consequences of biological modification, of
re-arranging our DNA in the pursuit of perfection.

Anderson lives in Connecticut with his wife and 2 sons. Anderson himself deems Kingdom as “a
thrill-a-minute, bio-punk myth that manages to wrestle with the most pressing issues of the new
millennium. O’Donnell has crafted a kickass novel of tomorrow night, when the big party gets
raided by the monsters we’ve been building for the last half-century.”

His debut novel, Kingdom, a dystopian, biopunk thriller, is now available in paperback and ebook
format. Kingdom is the first part of the Tiber City Trilogy. Look for part two, Exile, in the summer of

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  1. So pleased you enjoyed Kingdom. Thanks for joining in on the tour

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful review. And I appreciate you being on the tour!

  3. Thanks for the thoughtful (hell, awesome!) review. And thank you for being on the tour!