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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wake of the Bloody Angel by Alex Bledsoe

 This is an Eddie LaCrosse novel.  Eddie is a sword jockey or fantasy appropriate private eye type of hero except no tommyguns or molls. 

Eddie is a sword for hire with a conscience.  I like the qualities that Bledsoe provides his main protagonist.  Bledsoe’s world is a harsh one with interesting qualities.   It has room for privateers and pirates, ghost and sea monsters and sell swords.   He paints good scenes and better characters.

This is a quest but not your typical dwarf, magic user, warrior type of quest.   This is more of a missing person private eye quest taken with swords and monsters.   It is a formula that works well for Bledsoe.  

I like tough protagonists who aren’t afraid to have ethics and a few soft spots.   Cap’n Jane is a thoroughly female sidekick who doesn’t hesitate to use all her assets in her work.  This was a very good story and I plan on seeking out the other Eddie LaCrosse novels.

I highly recommend it.

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