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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Domino Pattern by Timothy Zahn

Zahn apparently is fascinated with trains.   This story takes place exclusively on the Quadrail, a intergalactic train.   Ex-Westali agent Frank Compton and  faithful side kick and engineered schizophrenic Bayta are involved in a closed room murder mystery.   Beings are being murdered on the Quadrail where it is impossible to have weapons. 

The Modhri, group mind omnipotent evil opponent plays a slightly different role in this the fourth book of the series.  Frank and Bayta grow closer and more interdependent but still refuse to acknowledge their feelings.   That is as close to a spoiler as I intend to get.  

There is a broad cast of characters with idiosyncrasies abounding.   Who knew aliens would have so many hangups?  There is sufficient action to keep you interested but it isn’t a barn burner.   You can put it down and pick it up later without feeling panic over the time differential.

Again, the series continues to grow on me and I enjoyed this book more than the last.

I recommend it.    

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