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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Watch on The Rhine By John Ringo & Tom Kratman

This book is by my count the 7th of the Posleen War series.  None of the characters we have seen in previous books are in this book.   This book details the Posleen War in Europe. 

This book stand alone better than Calley’s War which I reviewed here.   The lack of previous characters helped the stand alone feature.   The authors provided sufficient back story to pick up and go.   I found this book more depressing than the previous books.  Since I haven’t read one with Tom Kratman as an author prior to this I can’t say if he brought the dark side or if it was in conjunction with Ringo.   Regardless, I found the story depressing.   The epilogue provided an uplifting ending, which I don’t think is a spoiler.  If it is, sorry!  There is some relief found in redemption in revenge.

There were a wealth of characters none of which were particularly memorable.  As in most of Ringo’s books there were many acts of self sacrifice and courage.   Action is infused in his books.   I enjoyed the tanks and found them a bit reminiscent of the Bolo books.   (If you like tanks, look the Bolo books up as well as the Hammer’s Slammer series.) 

I enjoyed the book but not to the extent that I have enjoyed others in the series.

I recommend the book.

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