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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Existence by David Brin

This novel is a very complex and very involved story about the future.

Brin has postulated a great deal of doomsday scenarios.  A galactic plague attempts to infect earth.  This intelligent plague finds itself stymied by the incredible diversity and energy of earth's population.
There are so many characters that it's really difficult to describe any single character as being primary consequently it was difficult to like any of them.  

The individual vignettes were entertaining and interesting but the overall scope of the book sometimes made it daunting.  I really didn't find any particular character of great interest. 

Brin was obviously trying to tell a tale, to teach a story, to make us think about our future.   Somehow it came across as if he was trying too hard to tell us his story.  I really enjoyed some of his other works sadly I found this one a bit tedious.

I still recommend it.

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