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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Star Corpsman: BloodStar by Ian Douglas

In a not too distant future, a well off young man decides to join the navy and become a corpsman.  He hopes that he will get a free education and be able to return to help the family business.  Much to his surprise, his choices lead him to off world adventures and a complete re-evaluation of his personal goals.

I enjoyed the book and the action was top notch.   It is apparent that Ian Douglas (aka William H. Keith, Jr.) has more than the average knowledge of medicine.   I felt that he became a bit too detailed on some of the medical aspects of the story.   It created some drag when the story wanted to soar high.

Douglas did a nice job crafting his characters.  The main protagonist is the only one that has any depth or enough detail to capture you though.  I very much liked his soul searching and his choices.  

The stage was well constructed and the situations were thought provoking.   The power of religion was examined even as action tore the sky with plasma beams.   This is the first of a series.  I look forward to reading the rest.

I did enjoy the book and I recommend it.

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