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Friday, August 3, 2012

Diablo:The Order by Nate Kenyon

Deckard Cain is a belligerent non-believer who is thrust into horrific circumstances due to his questionable heritage.  Cain seems to hate himself more than he hates evil.

Deckard doesn’t have a lot of character pull.  He isn’t someone that I found laudable, more petulant and put upon than heroic.   He tries to do right but struggles with his own foibles.   The world the story deals with is open to demonic interference and unholy alliances.  It is a dark, sad world populated by unhappy people.

The overall feel of this book is dark and brooding.   I had difficulty getting into it and it never really grabbed me.  I found his Spectres far easier to read and more enjoyable.

I'm guessing Diablo fans will enjoy this book.  For a first time reader and being unfamiliar with the setting or characters I was not enthralled.  I think more familiarity with Sanctuary and the overall story line would dramatically impact my enjoyment of the book.

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