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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Green by Jay Lake

I made a promise I would read Green after I read Endurance. Well as I said about Endurance, this is one of those butt kicking female protagonist stories I enjoy so much. Green is a god ridden sell sword seemingly bent on self destruction. The book Green explains how the character Green ended up in Copper Downs defying and defiling gods.

This book also stands alone quite well. However I strongly urge you to read Endurance which is an excellent follow up to Green. This also was an excellent action adventure fantasy with a terrific understory. This book explains why Green is hell bent on stopping child slavery and the abuse of women.

In one light this is a coming of age story for a strong willed rebel and on the other it is a story of single minded mayhem. Kalimpura and the Lily Blades are also introduced and defined in this book. Once again, Lake’s lavish descriptions portray, with shattering clarity, a early Calcutta type of city that you almost feel the flying elbows and cutpurses jostling you. The characters were very colorful and varied.

After reading my second Jay Lake book I am convinced that Lake will be a force to contend with in the fantasy field for years to come.

I highly recommend it.

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