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Let Me Get YOUR Book Published

Your Book Can Be For Sale on Amazon In One Month
Books produced for other authors by
Bearly Tolerable Publications

Many people have a dream of seeing their name in print. Most people never do anything about it. I’ve explained how to become self published but realistically most people won’t do it.  It is somewhat complicated and cumbersome and that is if you are computer literate and own the software to make it happen.   Then there is the need for editing and art work.  How do you get that done?

There is a very simple solution.  Give your book to me and I will see it published. I’ve got 31 titles of my own on sale at Amazon.   In addition I have eight books I have published for other authors for sale at Amazon and available for order at any book store.

Why is it easier for me to get it published?  I just rewired two lamps.  The first took well over an hour.  The second, because I now knew what I had to do, took less than 30 minutes. Your book will benefit from all of the trial and error and learning I’ve gone through to get nearly 40 books published.

Your book can be for sale throughout the world for less than $1000.00.  My fees for producing your book are dependent on what you provide me.  The fees for the eight books I have produced for other authors have ranged from approximately $450.00 to$750.00.  I have a reasonably priced editor that I recommend. I also have several very good illustrators I have used.  They are paid directly by you, I do not receive any compensation for their services. 

This is not vanity press where you pay a large up front fee and get copies of your book to give to friends or to peddle door to door.  My process will see your book on sale worldwide at Amazon and available for ordering from any bookseller.  Your costs are your editing fees, illustrator fees and my fees.  When the book is complete, you can purchase copies at the wholesale price for your own use.  The world can purchase the books at the price you determine.

Stop dreaming about being an author and put that dream to bed with your own book!
Start the process today by filling out the contact form and telling me what you want to do.

Caveats:  I won’t do pornography, hate work or offensive material as determined by my personal ethics.   The books are available in a variety of sizes.   A Kindle version of the book can be produced for an additional fee.  Audio production is also available. 

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