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Saturday, January 21, 2012

An Interview with Steven Shrewsbury On eBooks

Thank you Steven for taking the time to respond to my questions and thank you for your willingness to provide your stories as prizes for my Fantastic Fantasy Giveaway.

1. Has the advent of eBooks impacted what you write and the way you write

A: No. The story is what counts. I still tell 'em like they come to me. Some
mght think shorter tales are better for eBooks, but each yarn is an enitity
unto itself, but it a short story, novella or a novel.

2. Can we expect a follow up novel on Gorias La Gaul?

A: Yes. OVERKILL is a prequel to THRALL where we see Gorias far from the
location of THRALL and knee deep in pirates, royal dealings and murders
committed with dragonfire.

3. Do you have any New Years resolutions in regards to your writing?

A: I need to write more and focus on promotion. There are several projects
in mind and others that I'm hammering out to completion, plus overdrafts on

Enter the Fantastic Fantasy GiveAway of all EIGHT new Seventh Star Singles to three winners, their choice of kindle or nook/ipad. All entries must be submitted in the next 10 days, Jan 18, 2012 to Jan 28th 2012. Winners will be announced Jan 29th. Happy Reading!

Just added 2 more singles to the prize package, stories from Michael West "Goodnight" and For the River is Wide and the Gods are Hungry". Both are horror genre from his Harmony Indiana world as featured in Cinema of Shadows, so there's a total of 8 in the prize package from 3 different authors.

Seventh Star Singles are short stories set in the worlds that the author's novels with Seventh Star Press are set within. For example, Steven Shrewsbury's Blood and Steel: Legends of La Gaul short stories are set in Gorias La Gaul's world as revealed in Thrall (and upcoming novel titles). They are stand alone tales, but offer rich content and more background for fans of the Gorias novels. In addition to Steven Shrewsbury's collection, the line includes collections from Stephen Zimmer's worlds in the Fires in Eden and Rising Dawn Sagas.

Steven L. Shrewsbury's Blood and Steel: Legends of La Gaul-more adventures of the rising Sword and Sorcery icon, Gorias La Gaul!

Author and Finisher of Our Flesh

The first short story in the Blood and Steel: Legends of La Gaul collection from Steven L. Shrewsbury, Author and Finisher of Our Flesh takes the reader on a perilous Sword and Sorcery adventure in the ancient world alongside Gorias La Gaul. When vessels sent to a farming colony fail to return, and rumors of dark powers being involved begin to swirl, an aging general cleverly secures the help of the centuries-old legendary warrior Gorias to investigate.

In a world where ancient gods still walk, and unnameable horrors lurk at every turn, Gorias must face challenges of many kinds; some on the inside, and others from without.


A short story in the Blood and Steel: Legends of La Gaul collection, Insurmountable tells an action-packed tale of the centuries-old warrior Gorias La Gaul. Setting out to take care of one last task for his father, Gorias travels to a monastery set high in the mountains where he makes a horrific discovery.

For the reader that loves the Sword and Sorcery genre, this exciting short story series from Seventh Star Press builds upon the legacy of the heroic Gorias La Gaul, first introduced in the novel thrall.

Stephen Zimmer's Annals of the Rising Dawn-Adventures set within the world found in the Rising Dawn Saga!

Temples Rising

In this short story from the Annals of the Rising Dawn collection, the reader ventures back into an ancient world when demonic entities and humans have bred a race of monstrous creatures. In league with Fallen Avatars that have taken on flesh and blood, the Raven Queen is preeminent among the human rulers involved with the building of a great temple site in Albion.

Cuchulainn, the son of a Fallen Avatar and a human, has rebelled against his origins and sets out to help Cormac and other human warriors as they seek to strike a heavy blow against the coalescing Powers seeking dominion over all humanity.

Stephen Zimmer's Chronicles of Ave-Adventures set in the world of Ave, the world that serves as the primary setting for the Fires in Eden Series!

Into Glory Ride

In this short story from the Chronicles of Ave collection, you are invited into Trogen lands. A brave young warrior of the Sea Wolf clan, Marragesh, sights the approach of an Elven raid while on a scouting foray along the cliffs of the northern coast.

Long under the shadow of the Elves, the Trogens have quietly been preparing a new development to aid in the defense of their lands. As the Elven fleet nears their land, brimming with sky steeds and warriors, a momentous choice must be made that has major implications for the Trogen clans.

Land of Shadow

In this short story from the Chronicles of Ave collection, the reader is invited to take an adventure into the Shadowlands. When a band of hardened Avanoran mercenaries take up an offer to search out a favorable site for a fortress, they are well aware of the warnings about the Shadowlands. Even a large, armed group of warriors is not safe, however, as the knight Godfrey finds out during a harrowing journey

Lion Heart

In this short story from the Chronicles of Ave collection, the reader is invited to explore the lands of the Amazu and meet Sigananda, one of their greatest, legendary warriors. In this story, Sigananda is shown as a young man, just coming of age. When powerful Wizards threaten the Amazu people, Sigananda is sent on a journey that will test his resolve and courage. At ease against opponents of flesh and blood, he must contend with powers that transcend the laws of the physical world.

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  1. So hard getting on the site. Not sure if it's me or not. Thank you so much for the great giveaway. I am learning that fantasy books are pretty awesome. I am usually not a fantasy reader but lately that is changing.