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Friday, January 27, 2012

Chasing Dragons:Vengeance by Barbara Farquharson Scott

The hope of Dragon protectors are gone from the works along with the dragons. A dismal future of capricious tyranny shackles the known world. Only the dragons and their riders have the courage and fortitude to challenge the evil that abounds but they are all dead, or are they?

Jenabel and her family dominate the story that starts with Deagon dealing with his legacy. Deagon’s only companion is an amusing ghost who with a magic book makes Deagon question his own sanity. I particularly enjoyed Jenabel’s interaction with her brothers, Oliver and Seth. Ms. Scott either closely researched sibling interaction or has an extended family as the family interaction oozed authenticity.

I think the story line and plot could be a bit more polished but as the first book in the series, it is quite good. It wraps up in a logical and satisfying manner and yet teases you with future books to complete the quest.

I recommend it.

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1 comment:

  1. My nephew loves dragon stories. This would be a fabulous book for him.

    Great cover!