Monday, September 12, 2011

Wildfire by Karsten Knight

A group of somewhat troubled prep-school  kids find themselves bonding in a manner that they never expected. 

This is one of those books that make it difficult to write a review without inadvertently providing some spoilers.   I diligently avoid spoilers and will attempt to continue that behavior.  

Ashline Wilde is an adopted child having difficulties blending in a white bread, homogenous school environment.  She seems a bit pugnacious but otherwise reasonably normal as if any teenager doesn’t stretch the boundaries of  what adults consider normal.   She is involved in an unfortunate situation that leads to seeking asylum across the country in a prestigious prep-school

She meets and makes new friends at Blackwood Academy but discovers that those she is closest to have secrets as devastating as her own.   The propensity for supernatural in so many YA books is well established.   The presence of supernatural beings in this book is introduced in a more plausible manner (if that is possible) than in many I have read.

The only thing I find revolting is how young Karsten Knight seems to be.   How dare he write such a good book, at such a young age and force me to admit I liked it. 

So reluctantly, I recommend the book and look forward to the necessary sequel(s).   Seriously it is a well crafted and enjoyable YA book. 

I recommend it. 

Body of work of Karsten Knight

Make sure you visit the web site, it is well done too.  

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