Monday, September 5, 2011

The Flight of the Silver Vixen by Annalinde Matichei

This book is about a world where there are only females.   Blondes seem to fit the stereotype for female and brunettes the stereotype for males regarding role playing.   A group of  teens skyjack a prototype spacecraft and end up in a different galaxy as heroic saviors.  

Much to my surprise I have discovered a genre previously unknown to me, that of the Intermorphic Worlds.  These are stories where there is only one gender or in this case all-girl worlds.   The social aspects that underlie the premise make one ponder.   I was a bit disappointed in that the author provides a same gender world but then assigns stereotypical male/female behavior based on hair color.   It smacks of that old sociology experiment regarding intolerance based on eye color.   In addition, the only men mentioned in the story are prime examples of negative stereotypes.   In that aspect the story was highly agenda based.   

As far as the story it wasn’t too bad.   In some ways it was a traditional coming of age story where the teens must rise to the occasion and show their true character.   The plot was complex enough to maintain interest.   The style was somewhat choppy.   I enjoyed the book and still find myself pondering the motivation behind it.  If that is the goal, it was admirably achieved.   Robert Heinlein’s works with Lazarus Long always provided food for thought too.    

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