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Friday, September 23, 2011

Free Book

One of the most successful advertising words is FREE.   I am running a multi-part series on Lory Kaufman’s The World Of History Camp.   Lory is offering one FREE copy of The Lens and the Looker for each month.  

What’s the catch? 
No catch, you have to fill out the 3 block form with name, address and email address. 
What do I want that for and how am I going to use it?
I am not some faceless conglomerate (Note photo on top right of blog, that is really me! Trust me, if it wasn’t me I would have found some young stud with a full head of hair to be me.) trying to capture your name, address and email address to bombard you with spam.  I need your address to send you the book if you win and I need your email to let you know you have won.   If you just want to put Occupant in the name, feel free, I am not, repeat, I AM NOT going to use your email address for anything else.   Lory will be mailing the book to the winners.   That is the only person who will get your address.  (Maybe his publicist, I really don’t know who is actually, physically going to mail the book).
So far I have one person who has responded to the giveaway.   I will be happy to give them the book but it does mean that the odds of actually getting the book are pretty darn good.  


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