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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dark Matters by Michael Dow

The haves and the have nots, perhaps clearly demonstrated by the current political climate.  Billionaires running for public office with open distain for the less fortunate.   The 1% garnering more and more of the world's wealth is not just science fiction.  Michael Dow takes current events and extrapolates them to the near future.  

The idea of an elite group of wealthy dictating the course of the world is not new.   The Illuminati, the Cabal, Free Masons or the Knight Templars have all been reputed to be the behind the scenes puppet masters.   Today the super wealthy appear to be trying to control life as we know it.   Dow takes these fears and creates a near future that is dominated by a secret group of ultra wealthy who claim to be working for the greater good.  

It appears that a small handful of paranormals are being setup to be the  foes of this world wide wealth conspiracy.   This book is volume one so it is unclear if that is the direction the trilogy will be taking but the plot seems to be going that direction. 

This is a thought provoking book.

I enjoyed it and recommend it.

Site:  http://www.darkmattersbook.com/

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