Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Incrementalists By Steven Brust and Skyler White.

The Butterfly Effect in Action

Brust has a tendency to be confusing and this book is no exception. My head was doing a little exorcist spinning about with the triggers, gardens, seeds and the shifts and the pushes and all the little mental tricks these people used to change society.  The book seems more like a philosophic treatise than it does a fictional book.

Phil is a 2000 year old poker player and Ren is his new squeeze, a new convert to societal conversion.   They are the main characters in the story. The Incrementalists are a group that uses psychological or sociological skills to push society in a manner that the group thinks is positive which is obviously pretty subjective.

Overall I had to push pretty hard to finish the book and give you points to ponder but as far as picking it up and wanting to read it for fun I can't recommend it. I've agreed to read the sequel and will make an attempt but I can't promise I'll finish it if it isn't any more exciting than this one. With that said If you're looking for some cocktail hour philosophic talking points you may enjoy this.

My evolution regarding Brust’s work is shown by the links’ below.  The guy is talented and perhaps just more esoteric than I am.


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