Friday, March 31, 2017

Spectacle by Rachel Vincent

As much as I like Vincent's Changling P.I. novels, I liked this better.   The book is populated by not so mythical creatures.  They are referred to as cryptid species and all treated as animals regardless of whether they are truly sentient.  In a previous book they appear to have freed themselves but in this book they are captured by a group that apparently overdosed on the Roman Circus theme.

Regardless of fact or fiction, it is hard to read about such abuse of animals or people.   Definition of people seems one of sentience from my limited point of view.   We ignorantly ignore (intended redundancy) tests that indicate dolphins, elephants and chimps understand far more than we credit them.  With AI reaching out, it makes me wonder where the boundaries will be for sentience.   While this seems like it has little bearing on a book review, these thoughts were initiated by the fine work that Vincent put in her book.  It is enormously thought provoking while providing an entertaining plot and plenty of action.

I highly recommend it.

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