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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Caine's Mutiny by Charles E Gannon

Once again I find that I have started a series on the last book instead of the first book.  Apparently I have found it too cumbersome to look up the author and see if the book is one of a series.  I have listed the series below, courtesy of the web site fantasticfiction.com. Sometime in the future after an invasion of Earth by Snorks, Caine finds himself semi-in-charge of a mixed crew sent to repatriate a even more mixed bag of inadvertent time travelers.  

Gannon does yeoman's work in seeing that there is a moderate back story for the characters that span multiple alien races as well as persons out of the time stream.   There is solid action and positive camaraderie.  

The story is good although I am not fond of such an abrupt conclusion.  It leads me to believe a 5th book is in the works.

I recommend reading the books in order and I recommend this specific book.

Web: http://charlesegannon.com/wp/

Caine Riordan
1. Fire with Fire (2013)
2. Trial by Fire (2014)
3. Raising Caine (2015)
4. Caine's Mutiny (2017)

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