Sunday, November 2, 2014

WhipEye by Geoffrey Saign

 Animal rights, loss, depression and adventure feed the plot of this story.   WhipEye is a staff of power or is it merely a manifestation of a young girls power and love of animals.   Sam mourns the loss of her mother and finds herself in a struggle that threatens the fabric of her world.

The author does a nice job on showing a coming of age of a couple of kids while helping Samantha learn how to cope with her loss and recognize the loss her father is also harboring.

The pantheon of characters but good and bad are highly imaginative.   The author portrays continuations action with the characters learning from their harrowing experiences.   Charlie's wise cracking adds some levity to the terror of facing Magnar.

This is a good story that may help kids who are struggling with loss or personal growth by examples in the book. 

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