Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Black Stars by Dan Krokos

This is one of the better YA SciFi stories I have read recently.   Mason Stark is a teen hero who finds living up to his reputation can provide some problems.

Mason and his team of ESC cadets find themselves wrapped up in another interstellar war.  If a back story had been provided it would be a lot clearer as to why the team feels how they feel.   The lack of a back story is the biggest flaw in this otherwise excellent teen tale. 

The characters are interesting, they exhibit the arrogance and stupidity of teenagers and they pay for it.   Of course they don't pay as high a price as real kids do if they behaved the same way.   The arrogance and stupidity comment is based on my own behavior growing up and should not be applied to kids today unless the shoe fits.

I enjoyed the story, there were some inspiring heroics and a entertaining plot.

I highly recommend the book.

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