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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Anvil of Tears by Erica Lindquist and Aron Christensen

This is a tale of civilization lost and survivors guilt.   Maeve, a fairy, is pursed by an implacable  bounty hunter driven by the challenge of a "mark" wanted for genocide.

Logan Coldhand is dealing with his own survivor's guilt as his truncated body and mind struggle to maintain his sanity.  His chase of Maeve is based as much on the challenge as the ridiculously high bounty.  

Maeve Cavainna is running from her past and making every effort to manipulate her future.  

The plot of the story has two guilt ridden protagonists surrounded by both enemies and friends.   The setting is a galactic civilization that encompasses a variety of sentient beings.  The remnants of Maeve's race are the down trodden pariahs.   A cult of death prays on the downtrodden of all races and ends up crossing both Logan Coldhand and Maeve Cavainna, a glass knight.  Mayhem and action ensue in the dark religious clash. 

A bounty hunter tale with psychological twists.

I recommend it.

Web: http://cifiscape.onyxneon.com/lindquistchristensen.html
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