Monday, July 1, 2013

Changes by Jim Butcher

Harry finds out an earth shattering truth and spends the book regaining his sanity. 

I love Butcher’s work.  He has melded so many genres into his own brand of story.   The only other major successes I have seen in this area are Glen Cook’s Garrett and Alex Bledsoe’s Eddie LaCrosse.    They share the same flavor without ever being the same.   Harry Dresden struggles with his morals and his ethical backbone in this book.  

We see many of the usual suspects, his psychotic god-mother, Murphy, Sanya, Mouse, Molly and Thomas.   They join Harry on a suicidal mission against the Red Court Vampires. 

Regardless of the trappings of fantasy and monsters, Butcher creates characters that move you.  The bad guys are pretty darn bad but Butcher allows sparks of goodness to occasional flash from them.   The good guys are not clueless pawns to Harry’s will, they do what they do based on principles and love.  

The ineptness of the White Council is once more pointed out.  Obviously Butcher has modeled it on the U. S. Congress as they are a very real example of well intentioned goals being usurped by gross ineptitude and towering self interest. 

I like Butcher’s books because of the characters.  Their strength of friendship and their astounding loyalty has to be admired.  Butcher gives us very worthy heroes, not perfect but striving for perfection.   Butcher’s books make me feel good that I have read them.  This book will have you scrambling to Butcher’s web site to see what is on the horizon.

I highly recommend the book.

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