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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb

This is the fourth and sadly final book of the Rain Wilds Chronicles.   If you have not read the Live Ship Traders Trilogy I strongly recommend you read it.   It isn’t necessary to read it first but I think it helps.  This book chronicles and finalizes the journey of epic efforts to get the dragons to their ancient homeland.

Once again Hobb entrances.   The dragons and their keepers have reached the end of their quest or is it the end.   The lost city is found but the dragons are failing as they cannot find the mysterious silver wells.   The dragons are changing but so are their humans.   Without the silver wells they may all perish. 

The fate of Kelsingra may possibly determine the fate of dragons, humans and the Rain Wilds communities.  The fate of the Duke of  Chalced may have a distinct bearing on all of the other fates. 

Ms. Hobb keeps you on the edge of your seat once again.   I have found her books a delight. I have listed the ones I have read below and everyone of them was well worth reading.

I highly recommend the book. 

Ship of Magic                                   Liveship Traders Trilogy #1
Mad Ship                                           Liveship Traders Trilogy #2
Ship of Destiny                                Liveship Traders Trilogy #3
Dragon Keeper                                 Rain Wild Chronicles #1
The Dragon Keeper (2009 )           Rain Wild Chronicles #1
Dragon Haven (2010)                     Rain Wild Chronicles #2
City of Dragons (2012)                    Rain Wild Chronicles #3
Blood of Dragons                             Rain Wild Chronicles #4
Shaman's Crossing (2005)                        Soldier Son #1
Forest Mage (2006) Soldier           Son #2
Renegade's Magic (2007)              Soldier Son #3
Fool's Errand                                    Tawny Man Series #1
Golden Fool'                                     Tawny Man Series #2
Fool's Fate #3                                   Tawny Man Series #3
Assassin's Apprentice                    The Farseer Trilogy #1
Royal Assassin                                The Farseer Trilogy #2
Assassin's Quest                             The Farseer Trilogy #3
Alien Earth                           

This book may have been received free of charge from a publisher or a publicist. That will NEVER have a bearing on my recommendations.

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