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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ghost Story by Jim Butcher

I always start my recommendations on Butcher’s books the same way. I am a fan of Butcher and love his Harry Dresden series.  This story is a more philosophic Butcher/Dresden.

The plot of the story is familiar Butcher, somebody is subjecting Chicago to supernatural terror.   Once again, Harry Dresden is tasked to protect his city and his friends.   The villains are as dark as or perhaps even darker than ever.  Harry, however, is merely a shade of his previous self.  

Harry is more philosophical in this book.  There is even more introspection than usual.   Harry looks at the consequence of his actions and even waxes somewhat religiously.   That doesn’t mean the book isn’t chock full of the mad cap action we all have learned to love.

Harry hasn’t lost his edge but future books may feature a more thoughtful Harry Dresden.   Of course it is as equally likely that his smash mouth wizardly style will continue to destroy his enemies.  I do think that in this book, Harry Dresden found himself.   This book is kind of like coffee with one of those flavored creamers, still coffee but just a little bit different.

I highly recommend the book.

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