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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Jealousy Glassa by Gwen Perkins

Gwen Perkins reintroduces some characters from her previous book, The Universal Mirror.  I’m sure she didn’t write this book in response to my plea for a sequel but perhaps she did.   Ashel and Felix are back.   This book focuses again on interpersonal relationships. 

The tension between protagonists is practically palatable in this tale.   There is a smattering of magic but it is primarily political intrigue.   I felt the attack of the Ruckh was isolated and didn’t fit with the rest of the story.  Some tie in would have been nice. 

The scene moves from the island state of Cercia to the main land where Cercia is regarded as semi-myth.  Felix, Ashel and Nicholas find themselves unwilling guests of Princess Irena.   Thrust into court machinations far more intricate than found on their home island bemuses the Cercians.  
I think a bit of back story for someone who had not read the Universal Mirror would be helpful and would provide more understanding for some of the characters and their interplay. 

I recommend this book!

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