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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Imager’s Intrigue by L.E. Modesitt, jr

This is the 3rd book in the Imager series. In the spirit of the terrific Recluse series, the Imager series debuts a new world of similar interest. Imagers, much like mages in the Recluse series seem both powerful and powerless. This book continues the story of a budding artist journeyman who tragically discovers he is an Imager. Rhen, the protagonist, continues his growth in ability and understanding on how to protect himself and his country.
Modesitt clearly shows who pays for government action and inaction. Politicians send the spear on the way but the sharp point is covered with the bodies of those who have to implement the action. Rhen’s character begins to see that inaction may be more dangerous than direct action.
I like the way women are portrayed in Modesitt’s work. He notes frequently that women have the skill to lead but are often held back by the fear of the men who so often are in control. Strong, capable women are shown throughout his work. Modesitt may not be a feminist but he certainly demonstrates that women are and should be equals.
In many ways this is a thinly disguised commentary on how profits and political infighting can drag a nation down. Too bad most political animals are too concerned with self serving interests to read books like these and perhaps learn.

Once again the common thread, as I perceive it, in Modesitt’s stories is the lone soul fighting for self identity in a harsh world. Imager was the first book and was excellent and I read Scholar out of order and it was the book that triggered my interest in reading the series.

I highly recommend.

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  1. For some reason I always thought this was a sci-fi series . . . nice to know Modesitt is embarking on a new fantasy journey. I need to get caught up.

  2. Bob, it is an excellent series, I have really enjoyed it.
    Happy Holidays!