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Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus by S. G. Browne

My initial reaction to this book was less than stellar.  I made an assumption (you can guess where this is going.) that is was going to be roughly in the sheer idiocy category.  Well, imagine my surprise when I enjoyed the book.   The story is the deprivation of zombies by society and the zombie side of the story.

Andy Warner portrays a poignant, abused figure in this tale of discrimination.  I’m not sure black humor aptly describes the book or the plot.  Perhaps demented black humor fits the bill a bit better.   The story and plot are believable from a zombie point of view.   Of course, according to the main character, zombies have very limited points of view.   

Surprisingly there is a note of reality in the reaction of society and the benefits that might be derived from some zombie traits.   Plus the sentimental aspects of both Andy and bit player Shannon are surprising as well.  

The story is both disturbingly funny and touching at the same time.   This is a book that should be wildly successful in the thirteen to fifteen age group who revels in the destruction of zombies.   The title will attract them while driving away many who would be startled to discover that is a good Christmas tale.

I recommend this book!

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