Thursday, April 26, 2012

Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson

I see this book as an urban fantasy coming of age of a young wizard.   It is set in immediate post-Katrina New Orleans.

DJ, Drusilla Jaco, is a Green Congress wizard.  She is chafing at her restrictions on being a young, junior sentinel guarding New Orleans.   Ms. Johnson does an excellent job creating DJ’s character, filling her with angst, life and temper.   Katrina weakens the boundary between the Beyond and now.   The Beyond is the home of the bulk of the mystical fantasy world.   Elves, vampires, weres of all types, pixies and the historical un-dead populate the Beyond.   Reminiscent of Tinkerbell, it appears that the historical undead can be reanimated by the strength of their believers.

Vague reference is made to the co-existence of some groups of supernatural’s and the acceptance of that co-existence by the Elders.   The Elders are a governing body of the strongest wizards who have accepted or co-opted the responsibility for keeping the bulk of the supernatural’s in the Beyond.  

The plot centers on DJ coming to grips with her abilities and emotions while battling historical un-dead, a serial killer and a pseudo-religious deities.   There is a lot of action and DJ often finds herself staring at the sky and wondering what just happened.   Ms. Johnson crafted a believable character who exhibits appropriate foibles for a  young person struggling to find their identity in a very confusing, colorful and dangerous environment.

I’m hoping this is the first in a series as it was very well done and introduced some very likeable characters. 

I highly recommend the book.

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