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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weight of Stone by Laura Anne Gilman

Jerzy, the apprentice vineart is back with friends combating the mysterious attacks on the Vin lands.

The Vin Lands are plagued by a mystery.   Unknown magic stalks the land hidden in chance occurrences.  Vineart Malech takes an apprentice, Jerzy, who shows surprising adeptness.   The book changes focuses on how Vineart Malech and his apprentice Jerzy approach the strange occurrences in their land to focusing on Jerzy and his three unlikely friends.   Jerzy’s experience as a slave makes it difficult for him to accept the concept of a friend, let alone the reality.

A Vineart, a Princeling, a merchant and a want to be warrior are an unlikely group to oppose the disasters stalking their lives.   The Washers, who are suppose to provide balance to the world see Jerzy and his friends as a threat.

The book has an intricate plot, likeable characters, a despicable villain and a wealth of character actors to fill out the plot.  I really love this series and am currently reading the final book of the trilogy.  

I strongly recommend the book and being half way through the final book of the trilogy, I highly recommend the entire series!

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